Show Spotlight: Cool Kids

Show Spotlight: Cool Kids

Posted by Carlee Benito on

RP friend and designer over at Steven Alan, Chris Tuyay recently closed out his first show “The Cool Kids” and we wanted to recap all the action in case you missed it.


The show: A new series of watercolor portraits of people Chris admires for the cool they do and are. So simple and genius, right? With portraits of notables including Jenna Lyons, Yukimi Nagano, Greg Chait, and Steven Alan it is the perfect marriage of art, fashion and city-coolness. The portraits  started as an exercise to improve his painting skills and find his illustration style, however the selection of subjects itself has turned into its own expression of taste. As a designer, Christopher’s inspiration comes from many places and these are the people who influence his style and creative perspective.




The show took place at the Launchpad popup a crisp, white-walled, well-lit storefront, has great street visibility and a hard to beat location on Allen near Orchard and Delancey Street. Right in the heart of the LES bustle, situated between cafés, bars, shops and galleries that embodies the ‘cool cool’ inspiring the art. You can see more pics of the space and the show by searching #coolcoolnyc


Chris, a southern Californian at heart, is now NYC based working with such notable brands as 3.1 Philip Lim, Band of Outsiders and Hiro Clark. With talents spanning across design, photography and fine art we can’t wait to see what he does next. Maybe, if we are really lucky we can even score a print for the office (hint, hint!).

PS: want more Chris? You can follow him on insta here and check out the jams from the show on his soundcloud here.