Show & Tell

Remember Show and Tell from when you a little kid back in grade school? We were thinking there was no reason that should be limited to childhood and asked our founders if they would be game for doing it on the blog from time to time. They said yes, so here we go. From our founder, Tim Morse…


It’s Fall already. Although you wouldn’t know it here in Southern California.  With Fall brings boots, denim, waxed canvas jackets and of course a new selection of buttery socks made by yours truly. Fortunately we don’t have to go too far down the road to find the denim and waxed canvas jackets. Our good friends at Freenote have that taken care of and we’ve collaborated with them on a project I’m incredibly proud of, California Born and US Made lightweight wool boot socks. The founders of Freenote, Andrew and Matt Brodrick and I spun up this project about 6 months ago during one of our many whiskey and beer fueled sit downs.

Knitted in a Family owned factory in North Carolina the limited RP x Freenote wool boot socks feature denim inspired contrasts and packaging from re-purposed selvedge denim from the Freenote Fall Collection. The goal was to keep these versatile and “California light”. They can easily be worn with a pair of vans or laced up with some boots to tackle cold winter months on the road.  A collaboration is about working with someone to produce or create something. When you’re fortunate to collaborate with friends the journey and ultimately the product becomes more precious.

They launch real soon so keep your eyes peeled!


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