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Remember Show and Tell from when you a little kid back in grade school? We were thinking there was no reason that should be limited to childhood and asked our founders if they would be game for doing it on the blog from time to time. They said yes, so here we go. First up, Iva Pawling


Show and Tell Item: A meat grinder.

The logo on the front of this hat gets me stopped a minimum of three times every time I wear it, with people asking what it is. For NYC locals or visitors that have a penchant for some good, hearty food know this as the logo for The Meatball Shop, one of my favorite restaurants in the city.

I fell in love with this place a few years ago while staying at a hotel around the corner from their Lower East Side location. I needed some decent grub after a late night arrival, and as I turned the corner I spotted a much too busy spot for 12AM that would be anything but amazing.

They’ve since become a burgeoning meatball empire. I got this hat on our last trip to NYC after meeting with their team. My passion runs deep for this place, so I had literally emailed their Contact Us page asking them if they wanted to work together on a rad project. They did. So we are. Stay tuned.

Want more Iva? She is speaking at Unique USA’s Pep Rally THIS FRIDAY. There are a few seats left so RSVP here.