#SocksAndSandals: Style Tips From Teva

#SocksAndSandals: Style Tips From Teva

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Socks and sandals have spent years doing battle against their bad reputation, and we think that’s too much time lost. “In fashion, if something is considered off-trend for long enough, there’s a good chance it will soon be revived,” agrees Teva stylist Kira Sheppard. “Whether it’s brought back in a good way or not is up to you.”

Here are some easy tips (and style inspiration) for making your #SocksAndSandals fall season sole mates straight from our friends at Teva.

_MG_4004K.I.S.S.: The easiest way to keep your socks and sandals looking chic? Keep them in the same color family (black and white socks with black sandals, for example). Great for those who are a little hesitant to trying this trend but wanna feel oh-so-comfy.




Boy Meets Girl: Combine the feminine with the masculine when it comes to socks and sandals. Wide leg trousers with metallic roll tops work perfectly here. Crop tops? Yes please! RTP-FC-091815-LOOK_2-26



Just Get Over It: “Men—this look is not for every man, but you know who you are!” says Sheppard. “Wear your loudest printed Teva sandals with them and match them with a toned-down simple sock. Socks and sandals are totally underrated in men’s fashion.”


Ready to give it a go? Be sure to share it with us by tagging #socksandsandals and @RicherPoorer! Need a pair of Tevas to give it a try? Head over to their site for a pretty cool giveway now!