Summer Style Survival Guide

Summer Style Survival Guide

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Summer Style is trash—here’s how to make the most of it.


Ah, Summer. The sun is shining, school is out, the living is easy. Right? WRONG. Summer is easily the most trash season for a few reasons. First, and most importantly it is hot as shit outside. Unless you live in the south of France, it is likely to be roughly 150 degrees with 99% humidity wherever you go. Take where I am currently located: Charleston, South Carolina. It’s not even 10 AM and it’s 86 DEGREES. My phone says it feels like it is 97(!!). WHAT?! All I have to say is thank you Based God for air conditioning and cold beer because without those things I don’t know if I would make it, you guys. My time on the West Coast has made me soft and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I’ll fill you guys in on my secrets for surviving the heat and looking (relatively) sick while doing it. Fun fact: it mostly includes dressing like Drake.

  1. I hate to say it, but shorts are necessary in the summer. I know all seven of you that are reading this will be like, “obviously, idiot” but I honestly didn’t own a pair of shorts before I moved East, so that was mission one upon arrival. I found a few pairs of linen shorts which have saved me. I have multiple colors of the same short – black, blue, and natural. I like the cut to be above the knee and on the slimmer side and these have done the trick. If you’re a real dirtlord, you can take your torn up jeans from last season and turn them into jorts – classic move right there. Bonus points if you give up entirely and wear sweatshorts all summer. #cozyboyza0cb0894f40a550592f8f0661da2b84d
  2. Jerseys are a dope accessory all the time, but they can be a life saver in the summer. And since they were made for people doing far more exercise than you and I ever do, they’ll easily withstand the blazing heat. Soccer jerseys are tight, and since there are a shitload of teams all over the world, you can express some individuality, and if someone is like, “what jersey is that??” you can totally lord over them and be like “YOU DON’T KNOW THIS THIRD DIVISION DUTCH TEAM? You must not be about that football life, mate.” drake-baby-pink-italian-soccer1Other options include basketball and baseball jerseys, but here’s a pro tip: Go for the throwback jerseys. Having a Muggsy Bogues jersey will be a major head turner and conversation starter. People will be like “OMG I LOVE SPACE JAM” and then you can just be like “Well I just grew up a Hornets fan *self-righteous sniff*”drake-toronto-raptors-damon-stoudamire-jersey
  3. Vans Slip-Ons are, in the words of DJ Khaled, a major key. You can wear them around town, to the pool or beach, and since they slip on (obviously), you don’t have to worry about touching nasty ass laces that come untied when you step into some mystery gutter water on your way home. And just in case you want to keep your stank feet from ruining another pair of shoes, slap on some no show socks and save yourself some embarrassment.  Honorable mentions include Birkenstocks or some Nike or Adidas Slides.drake-vans-1

So, there you have it. Summer is supposedly the nicest time of the year, but we all know it’s mostly just sweaty and uncomfortable. However, if you wear the right things (like Drake), you can make it through in style. Or we can all just stay inside and plan our dope fits for the fall. Or be Drake. Everyone should dress like Drake.

Stay cool, y’all.