Taylor Caruso. New York, October 2015. Fueled by coffee…

Taylor Caruso. New York, October 2015. Fueled by coffee…

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 A few weeks back, RP Athletics Club member, Taylor Caruso headed out to New York to meet up with old friends, skate some spots along the way, attended Inspiriation NY and of course get filled up on plenty of coffee any chance he could.

Taylor (part of the WKND Skateboards family and the up-and-coming apparel label, Lady White Co.) had a few of our crew here in SoCal wanting to get back out to the City immediately once he shared this visual journal with us.

Enjoy these images below and Taylor’s recap and highlights of the trip.

We’ll just be over here having some major cravings for Lombardi’s pizza right about now…




DAY 1:

“Rest on a red eye seemed so simple. Economy leg room, sweatshirt pillow, dim lighting. I was ready to sail the SoCal breeze all the way to the Northeast. The goal was to dream deeply and awake in New York, but the constant cry of a nearby infant put neverland on the back burner. I finally arrived in Brooklyn/Queens on a major lack of caffeine, sleep-deprived and very groggy.

Norma’s Corner Shoppe–Ridgewood, New York
Norma’s was the closest thing to heaven on earth. From a genuine greeting to a benevolent brownie, the iced espresso was icing on the cake.
Conveniently located on the corner of Catalpa and Forrest ave, I automatically felt like a “good ol’ boy” from up the block. The sun was shining, conversation was flowing, photographer Carlos Jaramillo was there to capture the moments and reminisce on old times.”
 DAY 2:
Ninth Street Espresso–East Village
 “Bounced out of Brooklyn. Hopped on the Fresh Pond Road. “M” train straight to Tompkins Square Park for a classic New York court warm-up session.
We pushed around and stumbled upon Ninth Street Espresso just up the block.
The iced coffee was on point and essential for a quick “juice-up”. The bench out front was a perfect setting to take in the east village atmosphere with good company as Phillip Proyce from Lady White Co. was able to cruise around. Inspiration was the topic of discussion as vintage banter followed. After we caught up and Carlos captured the scene we continued to explore the East Side down Houston Street.
We stumbled on a spot where people normally skate a bump over trash can but there were no cans in sight.
Luckily for us Carlos saw a trash bag laying on the side, which we were able to set up and mess around over for a good 30 minutes.
Tired and sore we pushed on to Gramercy Park where we were able to skate a mild kink rail for a little while.
After the tricks went down and good times were had, we hopped the subway back to the “M” train.
Back to Queens where we feasted as kings, Italian style. As Ice Cube once said:
…today was a good day.‘”
Day 3:
Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream–New York, NY
 “The subway system once an enemy, now turned ally. The “M” train became our guiding light while in New York, a precious holy torch guiding us in the right direction. This morning we were headed to the other end of Brooklyn. Onward to The Brooklyn Circus to catch up and soak in some fashion inspiration as we dug through Ouigi Theodore’s vintage collection. On the way to BKc we had stopped at Van Leeuwans, which is known for its brilliant ice cream, but also recognized for their morning presence as well. The shop was beautifully tiled white and the cortado presented was none other than a blessing.
Quick Lady White grouping with Phillip over banana bread and espresso and we proceeded on. Sincere staff, excellent espresso, and a relaxed ambiance makes Van Leeuwans a top coffee spot. After all was said, vintage was picked, and fun was had, me and Carlos escaped to a little safe haven spot in Ridgewood. There was a park with a perfect manual pad. Freshly fallen leaves in the public park created the ultimate seasonal experience. The smell of fall was in the air as Carlos and I skated around a bit. This spot was unfortunately the last on the New York adventure, but beautifully presented as i was able to take in all the Fall colors before I left. The trek trying to take on NYC as a first timer, was a success.
 Here’s a few highlights that I just can’t leave out. I was able to spend some time at Rin Tanaka’s INSPIRATION NY Show which is the premier gathering for vintage enthusiasts from around the globe. The two-day event brings together international vintage-oriented exhibitors offering rare, unique and one-of-a-kind merchandise on exhibit and for sale. It ranges from classic American apparel manufactured from the 1900s-1980s, vintage-inspired-to-contemporary fashions & accessories from local and national boutiques, brands, artists, craftsmen, motorsport aficionados, audiophiles and lovers of soul music and the like.
The show was an absolute blast. The whole family was there. Andre from BKc, Andrew and the boys from Knicerbocker Mfg. and fellow RP family member and PF Flyers brand ambassador, Alyasha “Stack” Owerka-Moore. These cats couldnt have been more generous and hospitable.
From touring us around, to showing us the town at night, these guys are as genuine as they come. Being the first New York Inspiration show, not many knew what to expect. The Brooklyn Expo Center was a perfect spot where bystanders could easily walk in and off the street. The show was a success for Lady White Co. and many others, but i dont think anyone would disagree that the attendance in Los Angeles was slightly stronger.
Some of the standouts….
//// John Gluckow of Strong Arm Clothing and Supply
 Veteran Vintage Dealer John Gluckow, started his career in ’93 when RRL opened its first door. Throughout his time there he began collecting vintage clothing from all over the world, with an emphasis on american military and sportswear. This led him into the design team at RRL in ’96 and he has since been collecting vintage which he sells worldwide. As of two years ago, he launched his own brand under the name Strong Arm Clothing and Supply.
 //// Melissa Howard of Stock Vintage
 Stock Vintage first opened its doors in 2006. With years of flea picking and collecting, Stock was quickly respected and tunred into a must stop for fashion inspiration. From vintage clothing to relatable objects, Melissa Howard’s storefront is simply a work of art.
//// StackAly and Pf Flyers
 Posture Foundation’s presence in any and all of the trade shows are beautiful. The respect that many have for the brand and the people behind it is strong. Not only is Alyasha “Stack” Owerka-Moore their titled brand historian but he also is an an entrepeneur and an amazing skateboarder. The levels of respect I have are through the roof. The wealth of knowledge and determination he has to succeed in projects that bring pure happiness and joy is truly admirable. Stack is an all around genuine and hardworking guy. Your favorite skateboarders’ “favorite skateboarder” if you will.
All photos by : Carlos Jaramillo