The Chunky Duo

The Chunky Duo

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Hey I’m Claire (the new girl) and I’m here to cover all things fashion. Whether it’s the most classic of vintage pieces or the trendiest thing hot off the runway doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s fresh, you can find it here.  


Do you guys have a friend that is too cool for your friendship but still graces you with their presence? Well, meet mine–Eva, my way-too-cool-to-be-friends-with-me friend.

Eva is one of those people who looks incredible all of the time, but doesn’t even recognize her fashion-forward and effortless style. Every time we get together, I always look forward to seeing what gorgeous outfit she is sporting. So, naturally I asked her to pose for me and model one my favorite pair of RP socks, the Isla with my most recent summer look.

You may have noticed fashion bloggers welcoming the summer with their favorite pair of espadrilles. Personally I love the shoe; the with the rope soles and the simple silhouette make for perfect for a summer shoe. But what if we added a pair of socks with this trendy summer look?


Recently, I have been playing around with this quirky look, espadrilles and socks, and I have been loving it.

Pairing a patterned pair of socks with the shoe completely modifies the style concept. Instead of the “I am cute, dainty, and feminine” minimalist vibe, the socks add this eccentric, chunky look that says “I am edgy, chic, and cool.”


Here’s a tip for this edgy duo: don’t be afraid of pattern, but don’t kill it with color. If you are wearing neutral tones, try to pair socks that have similar tones but a great pattern. Subtle and tasteful color pairing is vital for a successful outfit. It is great to wear a bright and fun color, just make sure it blends well with the rest of the outfit.


So what do you think about this combo?


Next up: how to style your favorite t-shirt that you stole from your boyfriend.


Xo, the new girl.