the lifespan of a hustler
It is always inspiring to learn about someone’s life path when you meet them for the first time. As I think about our first conversation, I get chicken skin as i discover all the turns and twists in Alyasha’s long career as a creator. Below is just the tip of the iceberg that is Alyasha Owerka- Moore.
Alyasha Owerka-Moore (PKA Stack-Aly) grew up in Brooklyn NY during the 1980’s, in the midst of a burgeoning Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Skateboard scene. As a kid he worked as an assistant to his mother Carolyn J. Owerka in her ancient textile and conservation business.
They restored textiles for the likes of The Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Natural History Museum and noted collectors as IM Pei, Mathew Polk of Polk Audio and David Bowie.
In his early teens he became enthralled with hand cutting his own skateboards and hand painting his own graphics on them. Inspired by the creativity and independent entrepreneurial spirit of the skate industry, he decided he wanted to work as a graphic artist and focus mainly on skateboard graphics.
In 1999, Alyasha was approached by Drew Greer who brought the dunk back and Vince Salazar who was working on building a skate program for Nike to consult on skate shoes. He suggested the Dunk, as many kids in NY skated in them in the 80’s. Shortly after he was asked to design the second collaborative Dunk for Alphanumeric x Nike. (The first being the Wu-tang Dunk. These A# color ways became the became the first Colors at retail with the relaunch of the Dunk. )
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In 1992, he coined the brand name “Phat Farm” for Russel Simons and became the “Flavor Regulator” (Senior Designer), working along side childhood friends Paul Mittleman (Stussy) and Eli Gesner (Zoo York.)
Ed Lover
Later he worked for Transworld Magazine in the art department doing ad layout for a spell. Simultaneously, there was a new skateboard apparel market budding. Inspired by childhood skate buddy, Paul Mittleman and the likes of Shawn Stussy, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Issey Miyake and decided he wanted to be a clothing designer. In the early 90’s he apprenticed under pattern maker, tailor and  production manager Dwight Tanner. In short, had it not been for skateboarding he would never have chosen the career he did.
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A 20 plus year veteran of the garment industry and pioneer of what was “street wear”, Alyasha is now a brand ambassador for PF Flyers, Richer Poorer and working slowly on a new passion project called Thee Teen-Aged, a skateboard and t-shirt brand for the 30 and up crowd.
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If all that isn’t enough he also enjoys moonlighting as a DJ purely for the therapeutic purposes. He has Dj’d for The Fleshtones, Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), Detroit Pre-Punk band Death and Afropunk festival for the past 3 years straight.


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