Three Must-See/Hear/Watch Things of the Month

Three Must-See/Hear/Watch Things of the Month

Posted by Carlee Benito on

It’s Spring, which means all your beloved TV shows and exciting new movies are back! We all have our favorites, but if you’re looking for something new, look no further! Here are a few new and new-ish recommendations spanning TV, radio, and music.



Music: Raleigh Ritchie
Fans of Game of Thrones will recognise him as Grey Worm, but soon the world will know Raleigh Ritchie as the cutest rapper in the game (sorry Drake). On his latest single, The Greatest, his lyrics are sincere but not saccharine and his accent comes through in the best way possible. Take the chorus for example:
“We’ll be dancing forever, we don’t know any better
We’re lazy, whatever, at least we stick together
We’re the greatest, I mean it, we’ll never be defeated
You can take us or leave us, we don’t care if you believe us”
This will be my Summer jam of 2015 for sure – I dare you to not have this song on repeat.


Podcast: Invisibilia
If there’s any guarantee of success, it’s being an alum of two of the best podcasts ever recorded. Coming from This American Life and Radiolab, co-hosts Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller have teamed up to create hour after hour of fascinating storytelling based around the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. interweaving narrative storytelling with fascinating new psychological and brain science. TBH, the first episode wasn’t the best thing I had ever listened to, but by the 3rd episode their introspective and humorous storytelling had completely won me over. Definitely worth listening to while waiting for season 2 of Serial.



TV: Togetherness
The Duplass brothers are seriously killing it with what they’ve been putting out recently, and Togetherness, which recently wrapped its first season on HBO, is no exception. While I’m not quite at the age where I am having kids or my friends are having kids, I am in a serious relationship where we’ve moved in together, we’ve talked about getting married, and we’ve nestled into this life, and watching the everyday drama in Togetherness just hits so hard and so true. Everyone has that friend who is out of work, knows the girl that is kind of a permanent mess, had a moment where they took a breath and thought, “what the fuck is going on in my life”? This show is so normal and so real. The performances are funny and poignant and this is seriously one of the best new shows on TV right now. I can’t believe I have to wait a full year to see more.
If you’ve watched or listened to any of these and loved them just as much as we did or if you know of something we just have to see, let us know!