Two Girls Two Socks

Two Girls Two Socks

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Hello! We are Allie/Katherine and together we make up the ladies of the marketing and creative department. A lot of the time we hear feedback on how it is a little more challenging for the females to style their socks. We get it, like everything else in life, it’s a bit easier for the dude.
In an effort to fight this stigma we thought we would show you how we wear our socks IRL. We’ve styled weekday and weekend options so basically you’re out of excuses of why you aren’t wearing RP socks errrrday.

For the Office


Allie: Since marketing involves being up on all the trends and out and about a lot I would say I dress the most ‘loud’ out of the two of us. I love how these colorblocks peek out of my moto booties and dress down my office look a bit.


Katherine: Throughout the years I’ve developed my version of uniform dressing to get me through the week and to work on time, and when I say uniform I really mean basics: black pants, white/cream top and a jacket on top. While it makes my life easier it can also make things a little boring, but throw in a bright pair of socks into the mix and suddenly it’s like a whole new outfit.


For The Weekend

Allie: I’m taking a page from the boys book with this look. I love the way the guys roll their pants and just have a pop of sock show. I made a little more feminine by added a crop top because hello I hear gingham is really big for spring again.


Katherine: Some girls match their nails to their purse or hair to their shoes or I dunno what, but I thought it’d be cute to match your socks to your hat! The boyish socks and hat play nicely off of the girlier skirt and you can seem put together without being too fussy.

We are always trolling Pinterest for cool new ways to make our ankles look cool. Got a favorite way to style them? Drop us a line on the @RicherPoorer.