Vancity Artist Collaborations

Are we still a little hungover from last weeks pop-up in Vancouver-maybe-but hey thats the sign of a pretty awesome party, right? In true RP fashion we couldn’t just have a regular old fiesta- we had to bring a little local flavor. With the help of our beloved Cate Dunkin we tapped Vancouver based artists to intrepret our California Born vibes through photos and styling. What we got back blew us away. So much so that we had to share the pix & artist info below.


Katrin Braga 

Orginally from Iceland, Katrin has been published in mags like Vice, Polyester, The Editorial, MonteCristo, Paper and more. She tells a story with her spreads, using harsh beauty and street casted faces.

Katrin12x36 Katrin18x24

Katrin (2) 12x18 Katrin(2) 20x3


Treasures and Travels

…aka Lindsay Sjoberg and Tegan Klenner. Two sisters from Vancouver who have a blog sharing their daily favorites, diy’s and explorations.

T&T 10x15 T&T 18x24 TT12x18


Anisa Chaki

A writer from Vancouver who remains mostly anynomous for her work. She is 1 half of a project called 2lonelychicks.

Anisa 6x9 Anisa 10x15 Anisa 16x24


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