Welcome Chase Wilson!

Welcome Chase Wilson!

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Photo: Steven Lippman

We are stoked to announce Chase Wilson as our newest member of our growing RP Athletics Club- a group of individuals thatrepresent the Honest Hustle we are all about here at Richer Poorer. Chase grew up in Newport Beach surfing for Quiksilver and launched BYRD in 2012. BYRD Hairdo Products, are designed for the gentleman surfer- taking cues and inspiration from the golden age of surfing.

ByrdsNest 5
You’ll often find Chase at the BYRD’s Nest- the space that houses the Byrd offices, event space, and even a barber shop that keeps all the boys looking slick. From head to toe Chase embodies the RP ethos of “Elevate Everyday.” Check back soon for more adventures from the BYRD’s Nest.

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photo: Tom Carey