Welcome Chris Pastras!

Welcome Chris Pastras!

Posted by Carlee Benito on


We’re excited to have Chris join the Richer Poorer team as we move deeper into action sports, underscoring the importance of skateboarding in the space. Chris is well respected, and brings with him decades of knowledge and firsthand experience to help us navigate our expansion in an authentic manner. A cornerstone of our brand is taking a balanced and varied approach to all we create and admire, whether it be in design, music, art, street culture, etc., and Chris’ diverse interests and talents make him the perfect addition to the Richer Poorer team.

Chris’ role will be to help create global brand awareness in the action sports market. Tasked with developing the Richer Poorer community, Chris will work closely with the creative team to conceptualize and create content utilizing multi-faceted individuals that embody Richer Poorer’s core values, and telling their humble stories through the brand’s platforms.

Chris Pastras is not only a skateboarding legend; he is an established artist and television host. Pastras co-founded Stereo Skateboards with fellow team rider Jason Lee in 1992. By utilizing the unique aesthetic of Jazz culture and with two decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential brand in the space. Most recently, Chris’ hosting responsibilities have included Fuel TV/Fox Sports, CBS Sports, X-Games, and currently for the NBC/Dew Tour.