Talented Artist, Family Man, Ripping Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, Style King, Slappy Luminary, Shitty Beer Connoisseur, Legend. There’s more, but we’ll leave the list there for now.

And curbs might be cool, but who made them cool? San Jose’s own Jason “The Kid” Adams for one.
Newly reunited with longtime sponsor @blacklabelskates, Jason has been forging his own path in skateboarding for decades. You’ve never seen a Jason Adams “Hip Hop Phase” or a Jason Adams “Metal Phase”, he’s always just been Jason, I love him for this, in fact, I think we all do.
He may not be a “Kid” anymore, but he sure has grown into one cool ass man.
S.J. proud baby, we are very honored to add Jason Adams to the #RPAthleticsClub.
To learn more about Jason and his artwork, go to losthighway66.com.


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