What is #RPfindyourfit

What is #RPfindyourfit

Posted by Carlee Benito on

We launched a really rad social campaign- our first one!

Our boxer briefs are on their way and they fit like a glove. Rather than ask you to strip down and post, we want you to get creative!There’s always a sense of simple perfection when things just work. Like when you find that perfect fit. We want to see what that feeling looks like to you.

Show us some of your favorite moments that embody the perfect fit, whether it’s that perfect spot in bed or squeezing that last item into your luggage before a new adventure. Show us what satisfies that deep OCD urge we all have. Submit your photos to RP by tagging #RPfindYourFit and@RicherPoorer

Here are a couple of our favorite examples if you need a little extra help!

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