What is “TABLE TALK” by RP and MC???

What is “TABLE TALK” by RP and MC???

Posted by Carlee Benito on


Monster Children launched in 2003 out of Sydney, Australia from super humble beginnings with a very DIY attitude. They were pretty much the anti-thesis to the ‘big boy’ publications with the glossy covers that littered the grocery aisles at the time. With a snarky smile and a proverbial middle-finger, MC focused their pages on surfing, skating, art, music, photography and a healthy dose of international and local culture highlights that coerced the reader to join the party and take a dip in the pool.

Almost 12 years later, Monster Children is a well-respected and collected quarterly lifestyle publication that can be found anywhere from your local newsstand, boutique, surf/skate shop, music store, coffee stand, museum book store, gift shop and any other cool spot that you most likely frequent. Their contributors have ranged from artists, musicians, actors, skaters, surfers, art directors, fashion designers, authors, journalists and pretty much the who’s who over the years. Mike Mills, Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Mark Ronson, Evan Hecox and even Hedi Slimane. That’s only a sampling of the folks that’s been involved and the list grows steadily…

Recently, we partnered up with the MC crew to bring to all of you gawkers out there a really rad video edit series hosted by Chris Pastras titled “Table Talk”. As many of you know, CP otherwise known as “Dune” to his friends joined Richer Poorer a few months back to head up our skate marketing. His laid-back vibe makes him the perfect conversationalist to host this 4-episode series of chats with a selection of interesting folks.

This first one features his long-time amigo, Jason Lee. The two have known each other for about 28 years through skateboarding and are biz partners in the iconic Stereo Skateboards. Chris reminisced with J.Lee about some of his photography stories and get’s his take on ‘old shit.’

We’re proud to be partnered up with Monster Children as well as our very own Chris Pastras the next few months to be able to bring some epic characters to the “TABLE” for your viewing pleasure.