What Makes Taylor Caruso tick ft. American WKND
The “American WKND” promo video from the mind of Grant Yansura (Cosmic Vomit/Cosmic Vomit 2) came out earlier this Summer, and features RP Athletic Club Members Christian Maalouf and Taylor Caruso. It’s the must see skateboard video of 2015! 
The hilarious and creative intro features the riders in their (mostly) real other gigs beyond skateboarding. Unlike the industry boom period of the early 2000s, it’s common these days to be a somewhat famous skateboarder, rip like all hell, and still have a regular job. Oh, and then there is the skateboarding in this video of course, it’s top notch, steezy, and raw.


We asked new RP Athletic Club member Taylor Caruso a few questions about the video and what makes him tick…
DTLA.Pastras.Taylor.7.2015 13First off, love “American WKND”, how long were you guys working on it?
Thanks! Grant did an amazing job on the filming/editing. I’d say average time spent on it was around a year, with some people having more or less time.
What trick in your part was the hardest to film, and give us a little back story:
Hardest trick for me was probably the back lip shuv on the rail. In all seriousness I went at that thing for nearly 2 hours; completely thrashed and exhausted. blood and skin were all over my board and the sidewalk. Knew I should’ve probably called it quits to go back another day, but didn’t want to leave haha. I landed on a few but was too tired to hold myself up or take the
curb. Just tried to stay as calm as possible and get in that right one, I suppose.
Who’s got your favorite part?
Honestly I love the way everyone’s footage turned out, I don’t think it would’ve worked if any of the boys were missing.
Where does Grant find his funny ass inspirations for video stuff?: Is it collective or is it just from him?
Grant definitely has more of an idea for the humor presented through wknd. We will all bounce ideas off each other at the wknd office and while out skating, but Grant has a vision and we have faith in BOSS MAN YANSURA.
DTLA.Pastras.Taylor.7.2015 30
Are you really a mechanic? Can you change the oil in a car?
Haha, crazy story behind me being a mechanic in American wknd. I’m actually a supervisor of valets at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Grant came in to film one day and the owner of the hotel happened to pull in as he was filming. He completely flipped out, saying that I brought paparazzi to the hotel, disrespected and harmed the image of the hotel…etc. All in all he told us if we used any of the footage he would sue for a slue of reasons. Almost got fired, whole ordeal. So I went from being suited to greased, and to answer the question I can change oil. Anyone in the area need a quick change and a good deal, come on down…
In the intro we saw you as mechanic , an insurance salesman, a dad, and barista, and a warehouse dude, run us through who’s who w. a brief description on gigs if the gigs are for real?
Alex was working at the Ace Hotel, Christian is a barista, Andrew is a valet, Trevor is an insurance salesman I think, Joey Dean was warehouse for a retail store and Raymundo esta Papi!
Do you think more sponsored and Pro skaters have regular gigs these days? And if so, explain why you think that is?
I think the way the industry is now, a very select few are making crazy money. With small companies coming to life and becoming more relevant it’s only natural for people to work at the same time. Have enough money to pay the bills and help out with the company anyway you can. It’s something almost everyone can relate too, getting a schedule and then being able to skate on days off is unbelievable. Definitely makes you appreciate it more.
Who are some of your favorite skateboarders? 
Van Wastell, Andrew Allen, AVE
Any style inspirations outside of skateboarding?
 Been seeing some old photos of my dad back in Chicago lately. 50’s alleyways working on cars. Rolled white tees and beaters.
DTLA.Pastras.Taylor.7.2015 10
What are you listening to these days, give us Taylor’s Ten Jams…
Bottled up- Devo
Smokestack Lightening-Howlin’ Wolf
I’ll Be There in the Morning- Townes Van Zandt
Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love- Dion and the Belmonts
Anything from Charlie Feathers.
Else- Built to Spill
Come Go with Me- Del Vikings
Too Many Birds- Bill Callahan
Try Me- James Brown
Take Good Care of my Baby- Bobby Vee
And of course some Chicago cuts—dat loud- CHIEF KEEF.
Thanks Taylor, ripping! Stoked to have you on board with RP! 
Thanks Pastras, hyped!
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