Your Boyfriend’s Tee

Hey I’m Claire (the new girl) and I’m here to cover all things fashion. Whether it’s the most classic of vintage pieces or the trendiest thing hot off the runway doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s fresh, you can find it here.  


We all have that favorite tee we stole from our boyfriend’s closet. It’s the tee that is perfectly worn, heavenly soft, and exactly the right balance of oversized and sexy. It’s the tee that we wear for our Netflix binges and our wine/ice cream nights with the girls, but are we doing these flawless t-shirts justice by limiting them to a girls-night-in or the 6th season of Gilmore Girls?

It’s time to transform the boyfriend tee from a bedtime look to an all day outfit. I am going to initiate this breakthrough with two different Boyfriend tee looks.


When You Need To Be Productive…

When I work at home there are a few things that I must have in order to be productive: my favorite pen and pencil, my glasses, and sweatpants. The secret to working at home is that you need to feel good in order to be productive. The perfect resolution? Yeah you guessed it, your boyfriend’s tee. Not only is it the most comfortable t-shirt in the world, but you will look and feel fresh. Pairing it with some super cute joggers and RP socks will keep you comfy, trendy and ready to get work done.

When You Are Going Out…

So you have been have been killing the work game all morning and now it’s time to grab some lunch and drinks with your friends. You are wearing you are boyfriend’s tee and can’t bear to change out of it.

No need to leave that cozy tee at home–pair it with some high-waisted pants. If the shirt is super long, just knot the front. This give the outfit a flirty and laid back vibe while still maintaining the integrity of the shirt. I also love the socks and wedges combo, so I suggest your fave pair of RP socks with some wedges for a modern twist.

The best part? You didn’t have to sacrifice your favorite t-shirt.

A big thank you to all of the boyfriends who let their girlfriends steal their shirts, this one is for you guys.

Rumor has it that RP’s newest and coolest Women’s tee line sold out so damn fast that we may need to keep stealing our bf’s tees for a little bit longer.

Xo, the new girl


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