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Chase grew up in Newport Beach largely influenced by surfing. from competition to entrepreneurship, classic style comes out in everything he does. inspired by the legend of his great grandfather’s hair tonic and barbershop at the storied metropole hotel in fargo, North Dakota, wilson began his quest to create a modern-day pomade. designed for the gentleman surfer. chase now resides at "the nest" in Culver City when he's not out hobnobbing at the bungalow.

Q: Got any cool scars? A: Nothing really to brag about besides my lower back from hitting the reef while surfing a wave on Kauai when I was a grom!

Q: If you could travel to ANY location, where would it be and why? A: I've always wanted to check out Dubai. After traveling to many 3rd world countries, it sounds interesting to experience a culture polar opposite where wealth is flashed and money is not issue. Plus, I want to try out that wave pool!

Q: What scares you? A: SPIDERS and sometimes women lol!

Q: Heres $20, what do you spend it on? A: Half of a meal for one here in LA.

Q: If you weren’t in the hairdo products business what would you be doing? A: Chasing points on the WQS.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you have made along the way? A: #NOREGRETS

Q: How do you define Honest Hustle? A: I read a quote once that stuck with me... "do what you love and let it kill you."

Q: Pizza or Tacos? A: If the tacos are paired with a cerveza, tacos for sure!

Q: What is your go-to sock style? A: Simply my RP's with a pair of SeaVees kicks.


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