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Chris Pastras

Chris "Dune" Pastras grew up in Metuchen, New Jersey before heading out to the west coast to start Stereo Skateboards. He got his first skateboard in 1979, and has been hooked since. Chis had an opportunity to start his own brand along with Jason Lee shortly after turning Pro. Pros didn't last long in the early 90s so he jumped at the chance to create his own brand that was unique and resonated with others. Beyond skateboarding and running a business, Chis has been hosting and sideline reporting for the likes of Vans, Mountain Dew, and Redbull. Living in Echo Park with his family, Chris is already pushing his son into carrying on his legacy.

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Long Sleeve Crew Tee

US Made
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Heather Grey
Light Blue
Designed with attention to detail and an emphasis on fit and fabrication elevates this Innerwear essential, our basic pocket tees are anything but. Each tee...

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