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Christian, originally from London, moved to Arizona in the mid 90's to escape the rain. Now living in Los Angeles maalouf skates, films and works on wknd skateboards while working a day job and spending time with his girlfriend and cat. Speaking of cats, Christian is one of coolest ones around.

Q: Favorite place to travel? A: Europe, I'd like to retire to Spain

Q: Favorite skate spot? A: South bank or stories parking lot

Q: What scares you? A: Cold leftovers

Q: How did you find skateboarding? A: Boredom

Q: You find a $1000, what do you spend it on? A: A really nice dinner or a Bengal cat

Q: If I weren’t a skateboarder I would be A: Fat

Q: Thing to do when not skateboarding? A: I just got an xbox but i should probably do some work around my house

Q: How do you define honest hustle? A: Not trying to dog on people to come up.

Q: Pizza or tacos? A: If you fold pizza it's kinda both

Q: Album your most stoked on A: Panda bear - person pitch

Q: What is your go-to sock style? A: The basics

Q: Who are some of your style icons? A: Gypsies, hobo's, rude boys and hipsters hahaha


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