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Danny Fuller

Danny moved to the beautiful island of Kauai at a young age and discovered his love for surfing. Having the courage to get his parents to allow him to enroll in home school at an age when other kids were playing inner-mural sports in high school, he was living alone on the North Shore of Oahu on $150 a month and cutting his teeth at one of the world's most dangerous waves. Pipeline became the addiction that he would feed and thrive on and today he’s one of the world’s best talents. He is a model, athlete, gladiator, artist, photographer, and visionary. His contagious energy for life, his family and his passions are exactly why he’s one a kind and always elevating everyday.

Q: What scares you?
A: Failure.

Q: Got any cool scars?
A: Many, it comes with the territory of being a professional surfer and becoming very familiar with the Coral reef.

Q: If you could surf anywhere where would it be?
A: I’ve been very fortunate to surf just about every perfect barreling wave on the planet, P-pass is the last one on the list.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you have made?
A: I’ve made many and all I can wish for is to learn from these mistakes.

Q: If you weren’t into photography what would you be doing?
A: Not sure, Photography has taken me to places i’d never imagined as a observer and participant of my surroundings. The choices we make in life- we’ll never know completely of where they’ll take us on this journey called life.

Q: How do you define Honest Hustle?
A: Everyday is a honest hustle and it doesn’t stop.

Q: Pizza or Tacos?
A: Tacos.

Q: What is your go-to sock style?
A: Richer Poorer all day, everyday.

Walk On Walk On Walk On Walk On

Walk On

There is no reason to sacrifice style for function. Our Active Performance socks come with uncompromising technical features and considered design. These socks will keep up with you no matter how active your life is. We call this style performance.


  • Non-Binding Rib Welt: Fancy name, simple concept, the welt keeps the socks from quitting on you.
  • Moisture-wicking cotton: A hollow yarn core provides the highest moisture-wicking properties and dries extremely fast.
  • Compression Arch Support: Extra support keeps the sock in the perfect place while giving your arch needed protection.
  • Strength Lock Seams: Strong low profile seams to eliminate irritation and strengthen durability.
  • Reinforced Meshing: Extra strength where you need it most.
  • Padded Foot Bed: Thicker padding underneath the heel, toe, and around the back of the ankle provides reinforcement at critical areas of impact.
  • Breathable Ventilation: Specialized knit technology keeps air flowing for breathability and quick-drying. No sweaty feet allowed.
Black & Charcoal
White & Black
Yellow & Navy
Crew Pocket Tee Black Crew Pocket Tee Black Crew Pocket Tee Black Crew Pocket Tee Black Crew Pocket Tee Black

Crew Pocket Tee Black

Designed with attention to detail and an emphasis on fit and fabrication elevates this Innerwear essential, our basic pocket tees are anything but. Each tee is constructed in California with organic cotton, garment dyed, and finished with a wash that gives it that perfect broken in feel. We believe that every tee shirt you own should be your favorite.


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