For connecting, creating, and not being a complete loner.

Get Off Your F***ing Phone!

We’re not just putting our paws in paint, throwing it on IG, and calling it art. We’re doing something much bigger.

We’re connecting humans with other humans. Creating real, expressive communities. Curating authentic, engaging experiences that will forever stick to the participating parties’ collective psyche.

We’re crafting, cooking, cleaning up beaches, and pushing social consciousness. We’re making a tangible and tactile difference. And we’re doing it together. Because while many hands make light work, many hands getting (super) dirty makes for a richer life.

DHC x Hot Girls Eating Pizza

A pizza making party at Williamsburg Pizza with Hot Girls Eating Pizza. 

Beach Cleanup - Doheny State Beach

We're getting our hands dirty and getting the beach clean! Plus, we're celebrating the drop of our limited edition California tee. So come hang out!

Meet at the volleyball courts • Trash bags and gloves will be provided