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Ian Crane

San Clemente local Ian Crane grew up surfing his homebreak, Tstreet, but his strike mission lifestyle keeps him from being a regular fixture in the lineups of Southern California. He’s most likely to be seen grinning barefoot on a beach cruiser checking the waves somewhere or running buck wild into the night. With a genuine love for the sport, the loose goofy-footer exhibits strength, style, and raw aggressiveness, in addition to his creative lines and explosive flair. Crane is a guy you want to be friends with. Super spontaneous, alive, and down for pretty much anything; whether it’s waking up in the dark to hunt some slabs, or dancing until the sun comes up. Having a good time has never been too hard for Crane.

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Crew Pocket Tee

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Designed with attention to detail and an emphasis on fit and fabrication elevates this Innerwear essential, our basic pocket tees are anything but. Each tee...

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