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The Signature Series represents a diverse and talented crew we are proud to call friends. Their unique styles, experiences, interests and personalities are the reasons why we happily support them with their own endeavors. So it was a no-brainer to allow them the creative freedom to design their own styles which collectively is our Signature Series. Designed by them. Made for everybody.

Jason Adams

Notorious San Jose pride, Jason honors decades of hometown influence with a clean and classic San Jose Sharks colorway.

Taylor Caruso

A white tee and vintage trousers is Taylor’s vibe, and The Caruso reflects this stylish simplicity with an added personal touch.

Christian Maalouf

Growing up in London then transplanting to Phoenix Arizona, Christian was exposed to an eclectic mix of lifestyles and culture. Learning proper diction and manners in one city and how to avoid meth zombies in the other, his Signature Series sock marries inspiration from two worlds that couldn’t be more opposite.

Chris Pastras

The Pastras Signature Series crew sock is inspired by Chris’ love of stripes, classic style, and Stereo Skateboards’ timeless and distinct retro Americana aesthetic. It's not just Chris's sock, it's America's sock.

Daniel Shimizu

The Shimizu draws from Daniel’s appreciation of Army Surplus utilitarian and to-the-point products. The added PVC dots on the foot provide solid grip to the inside of shoes while skating.


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