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Hailing from Brooklyn, New York Alyasha grew up working for his mother’s textile conservation and restoration business where he picked up his love for fashion. Using his skateboards as a canvas, Aly sketched his designs on the bottom of his decks before going on to apprentice under a pattern maker and tailor. He now splits his time between New York and San Diego working with PF Flyers, running the Dover Honing Co. Barbershop, and finding time to skate and design. In whatever he’s doing, Alyasha oozes timeless style and infectious creativity. [slider zone="1" height="366px" pagination="true" arrows="true" display="cover" img=" | | |"] [gridproducts zone="3" title="Alyasha's Picks" handle_1="us-made-intersect-mens-socks" handle_2=""] [text-rotate zone="1" text_1="Creative/Designer" text_2="@STACKALY" link_2="" text_3="" link_3=""][offset-slider zone="2" slide1_front_position="top" slide1_back_position="bottom" slide1_back_image="" slide1_front_image="" slide2_back_image="" slide2_front_image="" slide2_front_position="bottom" slide2_back_position="top" ]