Sustainability is more than our ecological footprint (although, that’s important too). It’s also about the impacts on people and the way we do business. RPGoodThings has evolved and become a way to give back to our community through volunteering and philanthropy, driving social impact through voting initiatives and supply chain traceability, and preserving the environment through our design choices.

Goals and Progress


Introduced Recycled Fleece into our sweats category, which quickly became a bestseller for the year, and transitioned all virgin polyester fleece to recycled polyester fleece


Introduced the Weighted Tee made of 100% Organic Cotton, which is part of our top selling category of Tees


Introduced the Vintage Rib products made of Lyocell

Joined 1% for the Planet

Product Developer completed Underswell’s fashion and sustainability course

Sustainability and Impact Manager completed the Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities For Industry certification course through MIT Professional Education

Dress for Success Worldwide West

This International Women’s Day, our collaboration with gorjana supported Dress for Success Worldwide West – an organization that empowers women in Los Angeles to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. 100% of sales was donated to the chapter to go towards their employment attire program.

Carbon Fund

"Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t” is Carbonfund.org’s mission, and we believe wholeheartedly in it. They support third-party validated and verified renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally, and are a great resource for businesses and individuals alike.

IssueVoter: Voices for the Planet

Our commitment to civic engagement extends beyond voter registration, and we are passionate about the work IssueVoter does. Making climate change a priority political action, IssueVoter: Voices for the Planet makes environmental information accessible and actionable with customized alerts before Congress votes.

South LA Cafe

We love South LA Cafe for many reasons: not just because Joe and Celia are incredibly kind and super fun founders, but also because they are changing the narrative for South LA by creating a community that provides accessible, affordable, healthy food in a food desert that is often overlooked. Oh, and did we mention they make damn good coffee that directly supports their mission?

What We Stand For


We know that we are going to make mistakes (we all do), and we commit to owning them. We embrace a forward-thinking mindset by growing from our failures and not only celebrating, but extending, our successes.


Good Design

A strong standard for curated colors, meticulous fits, and thoughtful fabrics, our design team is dedicated to making a product that transcends seasons. This dedication to great design is a win all around - longer wear for you, less impact on the environment and a step in the right direction on our sustainability roadmap.

Good Design

Lifelong Learning

As we achieve milestones, we know that sustainability is a journey, not a singular destination. We continue to learn from our peers who are innovating and leaving a smaller carbon footprint, enabling us to improve our go-forward processes and roadmap.

Lifelong Learning

Team effort

Our community of customers, friends, creatives, and family are essential to our mission and success. Simply said - we put you at the center of our efforts - committing to transparency and communication to create a better future.

Team effort

Organizations We Also Support